We combine data & insights with the demographic relevance of influencers to achieve guaranteed results. Because we believe the perfect influencer match is key to brand fame.

Matching influencers

Matching Influencers

We work closely with our clients and brands to curate strategic and innovative (brand) partnership opportunities, allowing influencers to authentically and commercially grow their channel and career.

01 - Brand DNA

Understanding your brand's DNA comes first in our playbook. We work with you to understand your brand's goals and current & past messaging.

02 - Audience insights

Audience insights describe the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your brand's audience, giving a comprehensive picture of who they are.

03 - Influencer data

Audience, content, hero platform, influence, Tone of voice, engagement & reach are just a few of the metrics we look at when we scout influencers for your brand.

Different types of influencers

We have unrivalled access to a national network of influencers, across many passion points, on all social media channels. From celebrities, right down to micro-influencers who specialize in niche topics, you name it, we’ve got it.


Delivering maximum recognition and awareness, celebrities can deliver a boost in brand association, usually for a relatively short period of time.

Macro influencers

Usually present across a number of key channels, marco influencers can deliver awareness and drive consideration over time.

Micro & Niche influencers

Highly connected with their audiences who see them as “people like me”. They are content creators whose recommendations are highly effective.

We help brands tap into that invaluable emotional connection influencers have with their fans

Proof of the pudding

Helping brands with content and influencer strategies that really makes the difference

Let's influence the influencers

Want to reach the next generation consumer with stories they love?
From creative to activation, we've got influencer marketing covered.