Introducing the Canon Zoemini on the Dutch market

SocialReblz was asked to introduce the Canon Zoemini in the Netherlands through influencer content and to promote the sale of this portable photo printer under millenials and Gen Z.

Content strategy

Especially for this project we've selected two influencers that primarily reach the target audience Millenials and Gen Z. Then we sent these influencers on a road trip through France to create content containing different moments of use of the Canon Zoemini. Among other content, an aftermovie of this road trip was made, which was posted on a landing page. The influencers sent their followers to this page where the canon Zoemini was directly available through social media postings .

Canon Influencers

Matching influencers

We've selected the Blonde Tigers, two Dutch sisters who love to travel and reach the desired target audience for Canon. It was important that the influencers knew each other well so that there was chemistry between them in the video and other content.

Blondtigers Influencers

Creative shop

Together with the Blonde Tigers and Canon we developed a content strategy. We formulated different guideliness for the content, and how the product could be integrated in the content in an authentic way. We made sure the content was premium and met the requirements of the client.

Bol Com Influencers