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Creating brand awareness for Beefeater Pink

Pernod Ricard asked us to help them introduce Beefeater Pink London Gin on the Dutch market with a solid influencer strategy.

Content strategy

We've developed a content and distribution strategy containing 20+ glossy-like content pieces with 6 selected influencers. We’ve created unique high end content totally in line with the brand DNA (pink!) and the urban and free spirited brand vision. The content was professionally produced and shot by the SocialReblz Studio. That way we made sure the content was suitable for social advertising purposes and stood out next to the native influencer content within their feed.


Matching influencers

Beefeater Pink London Gin stands for young, urban, bold and creative. Based on this brand personality and various other metrics like follower demographics we selected 6 female influencers.


Creative shop

Our creatives took the whole content creation process (Together with client and influencers) to a next level. We created stunning Instagram content perfectly in line with the brand DNA of Beefeater and the daily content of the influencers. We made Mood boards, did location spotting, took care of professional photography & editing.


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